He’s dangerouselectricimpossible to contain. His body is rippling with an energy so extraordinary that even when he’s calmed down it’s almost palpable. It has a presence. 

But I’ve developed a stranger, frightening faith in who Warner really is and who he has the capacity to become. I want to find the 19-year-old boy who would feed a stray dog. I want to believe in the boy with a tortured childhood and an abusive father. I want to understand him.I want to  u n r a v e l  him.

I want to believe he is more than the mold he was forced into.

Never, never, never. I am never going to forget you.



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"i’m going to nominate sophia smith, pharrell williams, john c reilly, and will ferrell"


I am not  s e n s i b l e  at all

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